TACT Subcommittee Meeting Format

The Traditions and Concepts Team Subcommittee (TACT) of the Public Information Committee has as its primary purpose the desire to support individuals and groups in interpreting and applying the 12 Traditions of Clutterers Anonymous (CLA). We are here as a resource and a support to the membership. We seek solutions that help strengthen recovery and our wonderful fellowship of Clutterers Anonymous.

We begin our meetings with the reading of CLA’s 12 Traditions. Following this we consider any issues about the Traditions that have been submitted by the membership during the past month. The subcommittee is made up of volunteers from the CLA membership who share an interest in the Traditions. Anyone who speaks is limited to speaking for four minutes. We will ask for someone to be a timekeeper for the meeting.

Since we meet on Zoom, members will identify themselves by first name only or if a person wishes to remain anonymous, just put down “Guest.” Following your name, place one of the following letters after your name, depending on what your role will be during the meeting:

P – Participants: These are the subcommittee members who regularly attend.

O – Observers: These are CLA members who came to observe the meeting.

V – Visitors: These are CLA members who wish to participate in the meeting and/or have questions for the subcommittee.

“POV” reminds us that everything that is said here is simply the “point of view” of the individual speaking. Everyone is welcome in one of the capacities above (as a participant, observer, or visitor), but we ask all observers to remain silent and refrain from participating, unless your viewpoint is requested.

This is a 90-minute meeting, which begins on time and ends on time. The meeting time is organized as follows:

1) Issues: Please present your issues in advance by using our “Issues” form, found HERE. You may also present this form during a meeting, but it may have to wait until the end of the meeting to be addressed. Just let us know!

2) Solutions: After the day’s issues are announced, Participants will decide on a schedule for discussion and also which issues will be handled during the meeting and which will be tabled for the next meeting. They could also discuss tabled issues from previous meetings. Through discussion, we hope to clarify the issue at hand and bring it to resolution by following CLA’s 12 Traditions.

3) Projects: We leave the last 15 minutes (minimum) for our TACT project list and action items. We will have check ins, and state commitments for each project. Ideally, each project will have a leader who keeps a “requested-given” project organized and moving forward each month until completion.

Thank you for your interest in the TACT subcommittee and we hope you’ll find it valuable to attend our meetings. Our meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month from 4:00 – 5:30 pm ET. We look forward to your participation!