Clutterers Anonymous is directly responsible to those they serve, according to Tradition 9. CLA WSO continually strives to improve upon the functions and services that aid in CLA members’ recovery from cluttering. We encourage CLA members to submit concerns, ideas, and requests to the monthly CLA WSO General Meeting. Thank you for your input!

This form, when submitted will automatically be sent to the CLA WSO Chairperson, CLA WSO Vice-Chairperson, and the CLA WSO Recording Secretary.

Please note: By submitting this form, it does not guarantee a slot on the next CLA WSO meeting agenda. For example, your Agenda Item Request might be best directed to an already existing Committee for consideration on their agenda.

If you have questions about the status of your idea, you can make an inquiry to:,, or


Agenda Item Request (AIR) Form for CLA WSO


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