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Many clutterers have found it helpful to replace negative self-talk with affirmations. An affirmation is a positive, present-tense statement that we choose to tell ourselves using the first-person pronoun. Often, our inner dialogue reflects negative self-scripting messages that immobilize us from taking risks in life, prevent us from wanting to make changes, and freeze our feelings into negative life patterns. We can choose to empower ourselves through nurturing our minds and spirits by stating and writing self-affirming statements.

  1. As I declutter my life, I open up space to receive the support and comfort that I need.
  2. As I let go of what is insignificant to me, I am better able to enjoy those things that are important to me.
  3. Before I accept any new commitments, I release one that demands equivalent time and energy.
  4. I accept my progress as proceeding in my Higher Power’s time.
  5. I acknowledge and celebrate all my victories, small and large.
  6. I affirm abundance and prosperity, thus releasing my need to hoard and control things.
  7. I allocate space and time for each item that I have or bring into my home and life.
  8. I allot more time than I need for a task or trip, allowing a comfortable margin for the unexpected.
  9. I am entitled to surroundings of beauty, harmony, order, and serenity.
  10. I am ready, willing, and able to change my relationship with clutter.
  11. I create at least one clutter-free zone or room in which I keep only items I use and love.
  12. I actively participate in my own life.
  13. I gratefully accept “what is,” rather than demanding that people, places, and things be my way.
  14. I guard my integrity by principles, not yielding to external pressure.
  15. I live in a clutter-free environment: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  16. I lovingly release those items that are no longer useful, trusting that whatever I need will be provided.
  17. I participate with my clutter by putting my attention and action on it in the present moment.
  18. I schedule quiet time for communing with my Higher Power.
  19. I set reasonable goals, remembering that my first priority is my well-being.
  20. I trust my ability to make the best decisions regarding my belongings, purchases, and commitments.
  21. I trust myself to know what is important vs. unimportant, sufficient vs. excessive, or necessary vs. inconsequential.
  22. People and relationships are more important than my lifeless possessions.
  23. Time is a precious gift, so I use it wisely.
  24. With every item I release, I create space in my life for more joy and energy, as well as new insights and experiences, to come in.
  25. With the help of my Higher Power, I take responsibility for manifesting my desires, wants, and dreams.


Please enjoy this free reading of the Affirmations by a male narrator!

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Please enjoy this free reading of the Affirmations by a female narrator!

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