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Clutterers Anonymous World Service Organization is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. The purpose of the bylaws is to define CLA’s name, objective, members, officers, meetings, committees and intergroups, Parliamentary authority, and amendment. The Bylaws Committee drafts, revises, and files the corporate bylaws. The CLA Fellowship reviews, recommends any revisions, and approves them.



Note: An update to the 2017-2018 Revised and Approved Articles was voted on and approved [Abstentions: None. Opposed: None. Motion passed unanimously] at the May 30, 2020 WSO meeting; but, is not yet incorporated into the appropriate section of the bylaws. The final motion was as follows:

The CLA Bylaws will be changed to make it acceptable for international meetings to use their own translations or software translations until fellowship-approved translations are available, with the stipulation that the groups include a note that this is an unapproved translation until approved translations are available from the CLA-WSO fellowship.


Note2: A motion to change Public Information from an Officer position to a Committee was voted on and approved at the June 26, 2021 WSO meeting. Though the motion was not  made as a motion to change the Bylaws, it is anticipated that it will be approved as part of the bylaws update currently in progress (10/12/21). The motion from the Public Information Officer was as follows:

Jane from CA made a motion to change the Public Information Officer position to a Public Information Committee. The motion was seconded by Marge from NC. Discussion ensued. There were no objections, so the motion passed by general consent.