Apr 20 2024


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Meeting Types


Commitment Line

Time: Typically 24/7 (except 10:00 AM ET)
Note: The number shown below is the new phone number beginning 9/15/21.

U.S. Dial-in Phone Number: (605)468-8826
Access Code: 8532869#
Non-U.S. Dial-in Phone Numbers: Click here
Mute: ✶6 / Unmute: ✶6

This line is affiliated with the Victories and Goals activity session held at 9:45 am ET daily.

Very brief, 30-40 second, commitments for the coming half hour beginning promptly on the top and bottom of the hour. Members remain quietly on the call until everyone finishes before quickly hanging up to complete commitments off-line. Example of “top of the hour,” is 3:00; “bottom of the hour,” 3:30.