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CLArity is an informative and educational newsletter and forum where you can exchange your ideas and your experience, strength, and hope with others in the CLA℠ Fellowship. CLArity is produced entirely by members for the CLA Fellowship, upholding all 12 Traditions. Issued quarterly in March, June, September, and December, an eight-page issue of CLArity may contain the items below.

  • Enriching human interest stories about personal experience, strength, and hope from CLA members and the readership
  • Timely announcements and reports of CLA news and events
  • Educational articles from team members and the readership about clutter, decluttering, CLA, World Service Organization (WSO), the 12 Steps, the 12 Traditions, and the Tools of Recovery
  • Members’ reflections on our affirmations, leaflets, and slogans
  • More…


CLArity Newsletter (Spring 2014) Click the thumbnail to read a sample edition from spring 2014. We hope this sample gives you an idea about our informative and interesting quarterly newsletter.

See Index for a list of each back issue where a topic appeared.See Table of Contents for a list of the articles in each back issue.


CLArity is sold by subscription or by single copies. It can be mailed directly to you, to your home, or to your group in discreet packaging. Order a CLArity subscription in our CLA store. Alternatively, download, print, and complete the CLArity U.S. Mail Order Form. Please mail to WSO.


CLArity is supported by subscriptions and donations. Donations help pay for postage, bank fees, supplies, printing, and producing an electronic version of CLArity (eCLArity). Please donate on behalf of CLArity.

Ways to Be Part of CLArity

CLArity and CLA welcome the participation of CLA members, in any form. By becoming an active part of CLArity, you make a positive impact, help yourself and the cluttering community. Ways to get involved include:

  • Submit ideas, recovery moments, poems, or “Letters to the Editor” to CLArity. Leave us a voice mail or send them to the address under “Contact”. All requests for anonymity will be respected.
  • Read the CLArity–Guidelines for Submission of Articles.
  • Write articles for CLArity about your meeting; your CLA experience, strength, and hope; and your recovery.
  • Become a team member, editor, or proofreader on the CLArity Team. The CLArity Team welcomes more members. Mentors are available.
  • Attend, speak at, or facilitate a CLArity telephone meeting.
  • Share CLArity with a friend.


  • See Contact Us.
  • Write: CLArity 184 South Livingston Ave. Ste. 9-203 Livingston, NJ 07039 USA