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Please be respectful of all members of the Fellowship by protecting their privacy and anonymity. This means not discussing your fellow members, in any way, with others outside of the meeting. This includes talking about any of the details of the members’ lives, what they said at the meeting, and even the fact that they attend any meetings and/or belong to the Fellowship.

This commitment to privacy and anonymity also applies to the time spent before and after the meetings and to telephone conversations. Please be aware that when a member talks with you outside of meetings, it is considered confidential, exclusively between you and that member. In short, as a member of CLA Fellowship, you are required to maintain the privacy and anonymity of your fellow members, at all times, under all circumstances, unless permission is granted.

Please keep the focus of your sharing on your growth and recovery. Please keep your opinions and judgments about other members to yourself. This means not using up sharing time to express anger, dissatisfaction, or any negativity concerning fellow members. Additionally, our Fellowship strives to focus on positive progress and hope-oriented language in achieving our goals, so please be supportive of this intention.

Please make every effort to arrive at the meeting on time. The meeting begins promptly at ______, and it depends on member participation and attendance to create an environment of security, healing and growth. This means that your promptness and presence support the group from the moment the meeting starts, so please do the best you can in this regard.

We are defined as a 12-Step recovery group based on the principles of A.A.® That means that we are not a therapy group. We do not use our meeting time to process feelings or other personal reactions regarding our members. Comments by one member about another member, other than occasional brief expressions of kindness and compassion, are not relevant to the meeting purposes.

Please be aware that violations of our privacy, anonymity, confidentiality, as well as negative communications about or toward another member, are grounds for asking the member committing these violations to leave the group. By attending group meetings, it is understood that you are willing to respect our Group Code of Conduct. All members are expected to do so.

In our shared commitment to support this code to keep our Fellowship strong, we express gratitude and appreciation to all members.

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