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Face-to-face and phone meeting members are encouraged to make 7th Tradition contributions.

Donate to Clutterers Anonymous
World Service Organization

Group   For donations from groups:

  1. Fill in Group Making Donation. E.g., “Tue. Phone Meeting” or “Thu. Fresno, CA.”

        Group Making Donation:

  1. Click the Add to Cart button below.

  2. When the “Your Shopping Cart” page appears, adjust the dollar amount.

Individual   For donations from individuals:

  1. Click the Add to Cart button.

  2. When the “Your Shopping Cart” page appears, adjust the dollar amount.

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CLA Literature U.S. Mail Order Form (and donations to CLA WSO): Download, print, complete, and mail this form with your payment if you prefer to donate by U.S. mail.

Mailing Address for
Checks and Bank Drafts
in U.S. Currency

PO Box 91413
Los Angeles, CA 90009-1413

Note: Mailed donations take longer to process than online donations.

Reasons to Donate to Clutterers Anonymous℠ (CLA℠):

  • No dues or fees are required for CLA membership.
  • CLA is self-supporting through its own contributions.
  • CLA neither solicits nor accepts outside contributions.
  • Donations are one way for members to support our Fellowship.
  • Donations and sales help defray costs and ensure the continued existence of the CLA Fellowship (World Service Organization) and the services it provides.

How Donations Are Used:

  • Literature
  • Printing
  • Meeting Starter Kits
  • Meeting Directories
  • CD Duplications
  • Website
  • Web Master
  • Phone Cards
  • Phone Service
  • Postage
  • Post Office Box Rental
  • 501(c)3 Annual Filing
  • Incorporation Fees
  • Regional Events
  • Various Office Supplies

Individual Contributions
Individual members, please limit your contribution to $3,000 per year. CLA WSO will accept a bequest in any amount from the will of a deceased member.

Group Contributions
It is customary for groups to distribute balances in excess of expenses and prudent reserves to the local Intergroup and to World Service. The 60/40 Plan makes it possible to reach clutterers beyond their doors and between meetings. We suggest the following customary distribution split be made whenever it suits each group’s needs, monthly or quarterly:

  • 60% – to your local Intergroup
  • 40% – to Clutterers Anonymous World Service Organization; if there is no Intergroup, then the suggestion is 100%

Recurring Contributions
You may find it convenient to set up recurring donations to CLA. Please check with your bank for specific instructions about Bill Pay.

The Board has expressed the sincere appreciation to ALL groups and members who contribute, no matter how much or how little.


CLA-WSO is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Contributions to CLA are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.