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Select CLA Recovery Literature: Electronic Version – available for a limited time

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Declutter Your Mind (Leaflet)
Declutter Your Mind Leaflet Item # L04DU $1.00 Includes:
  1. One (1) pdf download for personal use only of Declutter Your Mind leaflet (B&W)
This leaflet provides strategies towards healing mind clutter. Excerpt: "Often our minds are filled with trivia; we fail to recognize what is really important. We cannot find serenity because our thought processes are clogged with self-defeating, irrelevant ideas. Or we are overwhelmed by endless distractions. "Our minds, which should be attuned to inner guidance, are diverted by maintenance chores or sorting through too many choices. If we are disorganized, even more time is lost. No matter whether our clutter is orderly or not, it means we are wasting precious thought power."
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Decluttering Resentment: Steps 4-10 (Leaflet)
Decluttering Resentment, Steps 4-10 Leaflet
Item # L03DU $1.00 Includes:
  1. One (1) pdf download for personal use only of Decluttering Resentment, Steps 4-10 leaflet (B&W)
This leaflet gives strategies on working the Steps, healing grudges, and rewards of recovery. Excerpt: “Just as clutter consumes our physical space, resentment consumes our minds. Just as we can't relinquish unneeded items, we're unable to forgive injustices. "A grudge is frozen hurt and disappointment, a festering emotional injury that never heals. It keeps us stuck in the past, repeating the same angry thoughts. Resentment is collecting and storing injustices, making us unable to get outside ourselves and be compassionate. Whoever or whatever we resent controls us by limiting our ability to love, including loving ourselves. Even if we don’t believe the person is worthy of our loving thoughts, we are. Once we understand the high price of nursing grudges, we become eager to transcend them, no matter how difficult the healing process."
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Finding Your Life Purpose (Leaflet)
Finding Your Life Purpose Leaflet Item # L05DU $1.00 Includes:
  1. One (1) pdf download for personal use only of Finding Your Life Purpose leaflet (B&W)
This leaflet explains how clutter prevents us from reaching our full potential until we achieve clarity. Excerpt: "For much of our lives, the burden of clutter has kept us from using our God-given talents. Useless objects, non-supportive relationships, and busywork have eaten up our time and energy. The clutter fog of unfinished thoughts, trivia, and worry has made us forget our early dreams, hopes, and visions. "The more we live our dreams, the sooner we detach from our clutter. Clutter has been a means of comforting ourselves for not being able to live fully. At the same time, the more we declutter, the more we realize that what’s left are those items and activities central to our vision. Living the vision and decluttering are two halves of the same process of finding our life purpose. Each part reinforces the other."
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Home: Our Sacred Place (Leaflet)
Home: Our Sacred Place Leaflet
Item # L06DU $1.00 Includes:
  1. One (1) pdf download for personal use only of Home: Our Sacred Place leaflet (B&W)
This leaflet identifies ways to convert your nightmare into a nurturing home. Excerpt: “Home is a physical place, but it can also be a spiritual one—a feeling of being at ease with ourselves no matter where we are. If we lack self-acceptance, the most beautiful house is not a true home. "When we think of redoing our homes, we often harbor unrealistic ideas. Comparing our home to showplaces makes us feel hopeless and leads to paralysis. How can we change our booby-trapped, clutter-filled house into a nurturing home? How can we transform our attitude of shame and resentment toward our home to one of love and gratitude? "As our thinking changes, we start expecting something better. As we awaken from our clutter fog, we notice the rotting groceries by the front door, the “goat paths,” the booby traps, the closets we can’t open, the non-working plumbing. We have lived with these indignities for so long that they’ve become invisible. This new awareness can be painful, yet unless we see the problem, we can’t correct it."
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Measuring Progress on Our Journey in Recovery (Leaflet)
Measuring Progress on Our Journey in Recovery Leaflet
Item # L09DU $1.00 Includes:
  1. One (1) pdf download for personal use only of Measuring Progress on Our Journey in Recovery leaflet (B&W)
The purpose of the leaflet is to address physical, emotional, and spiritual cluttering and hoarding. We do this by listing behaviors and habits that affect our cluttering so we may better track our progress and understand how these behaviors and habits help or hinder us in our recovery.
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Recovery from Cluttering: The 12 Steps of Clutterers Anonymous℠ (Leaflet)
Recovery from Cluttering: The 12 Steps of Clutterers Anonymous Leaflet Item # L02DU $1.00 Includes:
  1. One (1) pdf download for personal use only of Recovery from Cluttering: The 12 Steps of Clutterers Anonymous leaflet (B&W)
This leaflet contains What Is Clutter? and discusses the Steps, as they specifically apply in addressing clutter.
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Spiritual Timing (Leaflet)
Spiritual Timing Leaflet Item # L07DU $1.00 Includes:
  1. One (1) pdf download for personal use only of Spiritual Timing leaflet (B&W)
This leaflet discusses divine order, time management, and regaining a spiritual connection. Excerpt: “All clutter wastes time. Unnecessary objects and unhealthy relationships take maintenance. Here, the focus is time clutter, which is caused by unfulfilled emotional and spiritual needs. "Because we believed our problem was poor time management, many of us consulted experts. We hoped they’d show us how we could gain more time by becoming more efficient, but this proved counterproductive. Organizing, when used rightly, is valuable; however, our self-will only encouraged our greed and expanded our time clutter. We filled the time saved with even more activities, and the result was less time. "Our lifelong problem wasn’t time scarcity; it was lack of spiritual connection. We had tried to manage time, an impossible task. Clock time is incomplete and divine time is beyond our comprehension. By using rest, availability, receptivity, emergence, and recognition, we cooperate with spiritual timing. We let the Master Artist sculpt us anew with each divine appointment. Our Higher Power is now our time manager."
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