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Pay or Donate
To pay for your admission, meals, and lodgings OR contribute to the CLA Convention Scholarship Fund, click here.
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2018 CLA Convention

We invite all members to attend the 2018 CLA Convention.
It will be held:

Saturday, August 11 and Sunday, August 12, 2018
Cenacle Retreat Center
513 West Fullerton Parkway
Chicago, IL 60614


What is the 2018 CLA Convention? It’s a CLA recovery event that is:

  • Interesting, informative, healing, and fun-filled
  • Multi-Day
  • International
  • Recorded (CDs will be available for purchase.)
  • Including: CLA speakers, panels, workshops, recovery meetings, fellowship, some meals and entertainment

Overnight accommodations must be made with the CLA Convention Committee.  See the Registration Form for more information and to register. Last date to register with overnight accommodations is July 10. Check this site later for flyer, Scholarship Form, Accommodations Fact Sheet, Transportation Fact Sheet, and other information.

Dates to Remember

Jul 20 (Sat): Last day to register for daytime attendees.

Aug 11 (Sat): 2018 CLA Convention (day 1) and banquet

Aug 12 (Sun): 2018 CLA Convention (day 2)


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