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20/20 Vision
Seeing Through the Clutter Fog


Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus situation, the convention 2020 status is on hold. The
committee has decided to make a decision by June 15. If there is no physical
convention this year, there will be one on a phone conference call. In that case, the
convention will be held next year at the same location (The Grotto) in Portland, Oregon.
The Grotto has agreed to either hold our deposit for next year or refund if, as long as we
let them know by early July.

Since we are not sure whether we are having a physical convention this year, we have
removed the convention items, other than CDs, from the CLA shopping cart. If and
when we decide to have a face-to-face convention this year, they will be put back.
Registration forms are still on the website, and members are urged to fill out and submit
their registration form if they plan to attend the convention in the case it is being held in
the physical location. If they do that, we will ask them for payment after the decision is

Click here for full-sized flyer.

Click here for registration form. Note: Registration form plus payment are both required to complete registration.

Click here for primary accommodations information. Information regarding other hotels and travel details will be added as they become available.

Click here for Convention Scholarship Application. Scholarships are intended to aid those for whom paying for the convention would create an unquestionable hardship, not merely a financial inconvenience.


Our 2019 CLA Convention at Manhattan College in New York was a huge success.
Attendees were touched, moved and inspired by the workshops and by all the positive energy.


What is a CLA Convention? It’s a CLA recovery event that is:

  • Interesting, informative, healing, and fun-filled
  • Multi-Day
  • International
  • Recorded (CDs will be available for purchase.)
  • Including: CLA speakers, panels, workshops, recovery meetings, fellowship, some meals and entertainment