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20/20 Vision
Seeing Through the Clutter Fog

Update 4/6/2020.
We are sad to report that the 2020 CLA Convention scheduled for Portland, Oregon has
been cancelled. The location we had reserved sent this notice: “… as of Monday,
March 23, 2020 The Grotto is Closed. We do not know when any part of our operations
will open. The decision was made to close the Conference Center indefinitely and
all reservations on our books for 2020 are cancelled.”  The deposit CLA paid will
be refunded.


Our 2019 CLA Convention at Manhattan College in New York was a huge success.
Attendees were touched, moved and inspired by the workshops and by all the positive energy.


What is a CLA Convention? It’s a CLA recovery event that is:

  • Interesting, informative, healing, and fun-filled
  • Multi-Day
  • International
  • Recorded (CDs will be available for purchase.)
  • Including: CLA speakers, panels, workshops, recovery meetings, fellowship, some meals and entertainment