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2021 Convention: Principles+Action=Recovery

The CLA 2021 Convention is in the books! Held via video conferencing due to the pandemic, it got off to a slow start due to technical issues, but once things got going everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

The convention started on Friday evening 10/1 with a prerecorded message from Mary P. of New York. The keynote speaker was Kathy H. of California. One person remarked of her share, “Kathy = calmness / serenity; set tone for the weekend.” After her talk, attendees were directed into breakout rooms for CLA recovery meetings. Although we endured some more technical difficulties, the interaction was generally positive.

There were six sessions held on Saturday, with an hour break in the middle. Saturday featured Chuck on The Steps, Susie on the Tools, Gail on Long-term Recovery and Sheryl, Mary, and Ruth O. on how action contributed to their recovery. Then there were two panel sessions: one by former WSO chairpersons and the second on service participation.  Comments on the sessions included:  “I liked the variety of the speakers, and I enjoyed hearing about the history of CLA” and  “I liked the sincerity of the speakers and their willingness to bare their souls to help others to recover.” Other comments were: “so much more valuable than any expert on organizing or decluttering,” Still other attendees liked: “hearing people who have lots of experience, strength, and hope explain how they work the program,” and  “hearing the recovery stories, seeing some familiar faces, and some new ones!”

Overall positive remarks included, “There is hope! So many excellent Tools,” “…liked the sense of global connection and how much the Fellowship is growing,” “…pen was busy, writing down experience, strength, and hope of speakers from five nations,” and “I found it inspiring to find people overcoming their clutter. If they can do it, then so can I.”

The general consensus was, “I thought everything was really well balanced.” and “… very well done!  Thank you for all the time and effort all of you put into this presentation.”

Now we’re on to planning the 2022 Convention which is hoped to be held in person. Your participation in the committee is welcome!


Take another look at the slides from the 2021 convention!


Come help plan the 2022 Convention!

Next Convention Committee meeting

Sunday, December 5th at 7:00 p.m. ET 

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Prior Conventions

2020 Convention – 20/20 Vision: Seeing Through the Clutter Fog

We hope you were able to participate in all or part of the virtual convention and that your clutter fog is dispersing! If you responded to the evaluation survey, you may see some of your anonymous comments on this page in the future.

Important – the webinar, including audience participation, was recorded. All webinar session recordings are now for sale as mP3s. Attendees who shared were advised that by speaking they consented to having their voices recorded.

2019 Convention

Our prior in-person convention, held in July at Manhattan College in New York, was a huge success. Attendees were touched, moved and inspired by the workshops and by all the positive energy. The chance to be with each other in person to fellowship, learn, and laugh added so much to our recovery.

We hope to return to an in-person convention in 2022.



What is a CLA Convention? It’s a CLA recovery event that is:

  • Interesting, informative, healing, and fun-filled
  • Multi-Day
  • International
  • Recorded (CDs will be available for purchase.)
  • Including: CLA speakers, panels, workshops, recovery meetings, fellowship, some meals and entertainment