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20/20 Vision
Seeing Through the Clutter Fog

Update 6/27/20.
The convention committee is meeting to decide whether a virtual phone or video convention may be held in place of the in-person convention.

Update 6/12/20.
The deposit CLA paid has been refunded.

Update 4/6/2020.
We are sad to report that the 2020 CLA Convention scheduled for Portland, Oregon has been cancelled. On 3/23/20 the location we had reserved cancelled all reservations for 2020.

Our 2019 CLA Convention at Manhattan College in New York was a huge success.
Attendees were touched, moved and inspired by the workshops and by all the positive energy.


What is a CLA Convention? It’s a CLA recovery event that is:

  • Interesting, informative, healing, and fun-filled
  • Multi-Day
  • International
  • Recorded (CDs will be available for purchase.)
  • Including: CLA speakers, panels, workshops, recovery meetings, fellowship, some meals and entertainment