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Public Information Announcement

NEW! The Public Information Committee would like to introduce our Traditions and Concepts Team (TACT) subcommittee, which will meet monthly to review any questions that arise about CLA’s 12 Traditions.

The TACT subcommittee is comprised of members from other CLA committees as well as members-at-large, who are interested in the 12 Traditions. All members are welcome to attend. For more information about this monthly meeting, please click HERE.


CLA WSO Committees & Intergroups

Bylaws Committee

Now meeting

For information contact:

Bylaws Committee 2022

CLA-East Intergroup

Meets 2nd Saturday @ 2:30 pm ET except in May when Clutter-Free Day held.

Phone: 605-468-8016  •  Access Code: 132160#

For information contact:

CLA Nighttime Phoneline Intergroup

Meets as announced.

Zoom ID: 822 1148 2799  •  Passcode: 071221

For information contact:

CLArity Committee

Meets Monday @ 1 pm ET

Phone: 605-313-4831  •  Access Code: 947452#

For information contact:

Convention Committee

Meets Sundays @ 7:00 pm ET as announced. See Calendar for next scheduled meeting.

Zoom ID: 914 7307 9207  •  Zoom Passcode: 051921

For information contact:

Finance Committee

Meets 1st Thursday @ 4:00 pm ET

Zoom ID: 948 5591 8780  •  Access Code: 021121

For information contact:

IT Committee

Meets the week prior to the CLA WSO meeting as announced.

For information contact:

Public Information Committee

"The Public Information Committee is responsible for providing information to the public regarding CLA to enable the still suffering clutterer to find us. We do this in a manner that is in alignment with the 12 Traditions, especially the 11th Tradition. Public Information (P.I.) means carrying the message of recovery to the still-suffering clutterer by informing the general public about the CLA program."  

Meets 2nd Sunday @ 4:30 pm ET

Zoom Meeting ID: 838 8082 3718 •  Zoom Passcode: 071121

For information contact:

Literature Committee

Meets 3rd Friday @ 1:00 pm ET

Zoom ID: 989 3516 8623  •  Access Code: 031921

Workgroup meets as announced

For information contact:

Registration Committee

Meets 1st Saturday @ 4 pm ET

Zoom ID: 993 8341 9737  •  Zoom Passcode: 060521

For information contact:

Executive Committee

Meets 2nd Friday at 1:00 pm ET.

CLOSED MEETING for Officers, Committee Chairs, Intergroup Chairs and occasional invited guests.

For information contact:

CLA WSO General Meeting

Normally meets the 4th Saturday @ 1 pm ET

Except November/December - only meets 1st Saturday in December

Zoom ID: 998 4836 6688 •  Zoom Passcode: 512845

For information contact:


Daily/Weekly Reflection Book

Guidelines for Submission