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2019 – soon:      2019 CLA CONVENTION SITE SCOUTING
The CLA Convention Committee is exploring locations on the East Coast, especially New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Baltimore areas. If you have been to a retreat center, 12-Step fellowship building, or college with overnight accommodations in these places, please email the Convention Committee your recommendations.


2018 – soon:      TEN YEARS OF CLARITY (BOOK)
CLA has reprinted the 300-page book Ten Years of CLArity that includes CLArity newsletter articles between spring 2007 and holiday 2016. Inventory is limited. No further reprints are planned. Price is $25 in all countries plus shipping. Order from the CLA Store before July 15 to be guaranteed a book .


Please email comments about the Sponsorship document (draft) to the CLA Literature Committee.

Free QuickBooks Training!
CLA WSO Treasurer Martha wants to train you as Assistant Treasurer before her term expires in March 2019. Please volunteer. The Fellowship needs you.


CLA Committee and Intergroup Meetings