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HELP WANTED – Public Information (PI) Administrator

ENGAGEMENT TYPE: Independent Contractor on a project basis
PAY RANGE: $15 to $20 per hour depending on experience and qualifications
BENEFITS: None. All taxes, insurance and similar items are the sole responsibility of the contractor.
HOURS: The total number of hours for the project is approximately 135 hours (but may be more.) The work can be done on a flexible basis to suit the contractor’s schedule.
REPORTS TO: The PI Committee Vice Chair
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Committees & Intergroups

Bylaws Committee

Not Scheduled

For information contact:

CLA-East Intergroup

Meets 2nd Saturday @ 2:30 pm ET

Phone: 605-468-8016  •  Access Code: 132160#

For information contact:

CLArity Committee

Meets Monday @ 1 pm ET

Phone: 605-313-4831  •  Access Code: 947452#

For information contact:

Convention Committee

Meets Sundays @ 7:00 pm ET as announced

Zoom ID: 914 7307 9207  •  Zoom Passcode: 051921

For information contact:

8PM ET Intergroup

Meets 2nd Monday @ 6:00 pm ET

Zoom ID: 822 1148 2799  •  Passcode: 071221

For information contact:

Finance Committee

Meets 1st Thursday @ 1:30 pm ET (subject to change)

Zoom ID: 948 5591 8780  •  Access Code: 021121

For information contact:

IT Committee

Meets Wednesday prior to WSO meeting @ 2:00 pm ET (subject to change)

For information contact:

Public Information Committee

"The Public Information Committee is responsible for providing information to the public regarding CLA to enable the still suffering clutterer to find us. We do this in a manner that is in alignment with the 12 Traditions, especially the 11th Tradition. Public Information (P.I.) means carrying the message of recovery to the still-suffering clutterer by informing the general public about the CLA program."  

Meets 2nd Sunday @ 4:30 pm ET

Zoom Meeting ID: 838 8082 3718 •  Zoom Passcode: 071121

For information contact:

Literature Committee

Meets 3rd Friday @ 1:00 pm ET

Zoom ID: 989 3516 8623  •  Access Code: 031921

Workgroup meets as announced

For information contact:

Registration Committee

Meets 1st Saturday @ 4 pm ET

Zoom ID: 993 8341 9737  •  Zoom Passcode: 060521

For information contact:

WSO Executive Committee

Meets 2nd Friday at 1:00 pm ET.


For information contact:

WSO General Meeting

Typically meets 4th Saturday @ 1 pm ET

Except November/December - only meets 1st Saturday in December

Zoom ID: 998 4836 6688 •  Zoom Passcode: 512845

For information contact:


Upcoming Events

Special Events and Committee Meetings are now on the New Calendar of Events page.

Please let me know if your event is missing or incorrect.