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We get many calls and emails from friends, family, landlords, organizers, and counselors wanting to help or cope with clutterers or hoarders. CLA℠ offers no programs specifically for non-clutterers. However, here are some suggestions:

  • Start a Meeting for Non-Clutterers. You may wish to start a 12-Step group for friends and families of clutterers. For ideas, we suggest you visit the Al-Anon website for friends and families of alcoholics.
  • Attend Our Meetings. You are welcome to attend CLA open meetings to help you understand the problem and meet recovering clutterers and hoarders. All face-to face meetings in our downloadable meeting directory are open to non-clutterers except those indicated with a [C].
  • Inspire Active Decluttering. You may want to tell the clutterer about our valuable phone activity sessions that can help with decluttering efforts.
  • Find a Helper. Encourage the clutterer to find a buddy at a CLA meeting or phone activity session who can help with decluttering.
  • Learn More. You may find valuable insights in our excellent literature, Tools of Recovery, Recovery Affirmations, 12 Steps of CLA, and 12 Traditions of CLA. If the clutterer in your life is receptive, you may want to share these resources with him or her.

If you attend a meeting and read our literature, the clutterer or hoarder may become inspired to do so as well. Please note that the only requirement for membership in CLA is the desire to stop cluttering. Recovery can begin only when your friend, relative, neighbor, tenant, or client has this desire to stop cluttering.