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CLA Phone MeetingsA phone recovery meeting or group is formed when two or more clutterers gather on a conference call to share their experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem with clutter and help each other to recover. The meetings are guided by the CLA 12 Steps and 12 Traditions, and are facilitated by a CLA member. Everyone is welcome. International and long-distance charges may apply. These are shown in red in the list below.

Meetings in this list:

  • Are believed to be active and agreed or requested to be listed
  • Registered with CLA World Service Organization (WSO)
  • Are not to be used for commercial ventures or solicitation
  • Are neither approved nor endorsed by CLA WSO for their autonomous business dealings and implementation of the CLA program


CLA Phone Activity Sessions

Here’s your opportunity to declutter with the support and encouragement of other clutterers. Everyone is welcome.  A phone activity session is a moderator-led gathering of two or more clutterers who come together on a CLA conference call line on a designated day and time. Clutterers actively declutter, set goals, make commitments, announce victories, give and receive support, bookend, and meet CLA buddies. Activity sessions are guided by the 12 Traditions of CLA but are not, and do not take the place of, CLA recovery meetings. International and long-distance charges may apply. These are shown in green in the list below.


24/7 Phone Lines – not shown on calendar list

Action Line

Time: Typically 24/7 (except during Focused Action Session)
U.S. Dial-in Phone Number: (605) 313-5104
Access Code: 185487 #
Mute: ✶6 / Unmute: ✶6

Brief check-ins sharing commitments and progress reports, at the top and bottom of the hour, using a “round robin” format. (Person who shares listens to the next member’s check-in.) Members often stay on the line taking their actions together, giving and receiving support, while enjoying the fellowship of other CLA members. You may arrange to meet buddies or, possibly, find others already there.Example of “top of the hour,” is 3:00; “bottom of the hour,” 3:30.

Commitment Line

Time: Typically 24/7 (except 10:00 AM ET)
U.S. Dial-in Phone Number: (515) 604-9000
Access Code: 670013 #
Non-U.S. Dial-in Phone Numbers: Click here
Mute: ✶6 / Unmute: ✶6

Very brief, 10-15 second, commitments for the coming half hour beginning promptly on the top and bottom of the hour. Members remain quietly on the call until everyone finishes before quickly hanging up to complete commitments off-line. Example of “top of the hour,” is 3:00; “bottom of the hour,” 3:30.


All events listed in calendar are in the Eastern Time (ET) zone.

Tips for viewing:

  • Click today if not already viewing current date.
  • Use arrows to right of “Today” to move through the calendar
  • Default view is “Agenda” which is a daily list of all phone meetings and activity sessions. Note: meetings in red, activity sessions in green.
  • You can select Week or Month view but that may have too much detail to be helpful.
  • Click arrow to right of “Agenda” tab to only see meetings or activity sessions if desired.
  • Use the print icon to get a printed list.



VIRTUAL MEETINGS – Open to All CLA Members

The following Zoom meetings are open to any CLA member. You need to contact the person listed to gain access to the meeting ID. The majority of these meetings met Face-to-Face, but are now meeting virtually due to the pandemic. They may return to their Face-to-Face locations at any time.

Note: These meetings are listed as a courtesy only and WSO does not attest to each group’s adherence to CLA’s “12 Steps & 12 Traditions” and therefore the meetings should be attended with that in mind.


There are additional online meetings for local attendees which are listed separately by city in the map listing on the Face-to-Face meeting page.

If you represent one of these groups and have additional information please contact: registration committee


We ask that you respect our volunteer moderators and all attendees; do not interrupt them or give directions. This will help ensure well-functioning and effective meetings. Thank you! Please familiarize yourself with:

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