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To find a meeting near you, enter an address, intersection, city, postal code, or country in the boxes below. Meetings indicated as “[C]” are closed and are for clutterers only.

To verify a meeting’s existence before going there, take ONE of the following actions:

  • Call the meeting’s contact person, if any
  • Call CLA WSO at 1-866-402-6685
  • On the Contact Us page, select Meetings as the subject to send a message – reply may take up to 2 weeks
  • Send an email to – reply may take up to 2 weeks
  • Contact the group if you are concerned about possible CoVID-related requirements for masks or social
View our Face-to-Face meeting directory 
This pdf listing reflects F2F meeting information including some F2F groups now meeting virtually.
Meetings in our meeting directory PDF:
  • Are believed to be active
  • Registered with Clutterers Anonymous World Service Organization, Inc. (CLA WSO)
  • Agreed or requested to be listed
  • Are not to be used for commercial ventures or solicitation
  • Are neither approved nor endorsed by CLA WSO for their autonomous business dealings and implementation of the CLA program