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Meeting Directory
View our CLA Face-to-Face (F2F) meeting directory (PDF) Note: This list now reflects F2F meeting information including meetings on hiatus or meeting virtually due to Covid-19. If you are looking for a meeting in your area, you can also use the interactive map below which has been updated.
Meetings – Affected by Public Health Shutdowns

Unfortunately most of CLA’s face-to-face meetings are no longer meeting due to social distancing and closed facilities. We suggest that you contact a CLA buddy or contact person from your group to inquire about the status of your meeting.

Our daily phone meetings and phone activity sessions, which continue to be a source of inspiration and hope, are now supplemented by some virtual meetings shown in the map listing for your location and in the new list of open virtual meetings. Please join us in maintaining your connection with fellow members who are in recovery.

A CLA face-to-face recovery meeting or group is formed when two or more clutterers gather at a physical location to share their experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem with clutter and help each other to recover. The meetings are guided by the 12 Steps of CLA and 12 Traditions of CLA, and are facilitated by a CLA member.

Meetings in our meeting directory PDF:
  • Are believed to be active
  • Registered with CLA World Service Organization (WSO)
  • Agreed or requested to be listed
  • Are not to be used for commercial ventures or solicitation
  • Are neither approved nor endorsed by CLA WSO for their autonomous business dealings and implementation of the CLA program
To verify a meeting’s existence before going there, take ONE of the following actions:
  • Call the meeting’s contact person, if any
  • Call CLA WSO at 1-866-402-6685
  • On the Contact Us page, select Meetings as the subject, send CLA WSO a message, and wait possibly two weeks
  • Send an email to the Web Mail Correspondent at and wait possibly two weeks
To find a meeting near you, enter an address, intersection, city, postal code, or country in the boxes below. Meetings indicated as “[C]” are closed and are for clutterers only.