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Beginners’ Meeting
Click here to learn about this weekly phone meeting.
Newcomers 101 Meeting
Click here to learn about this weekly phone meeting.
We hope that the following sequence will help you get the most out of Clutterers Anonymous℠ (CLA℠).

  1. Read the web pages under the “About” menu of our website.

  2. Read our literature, in particular our 28-page Is CLA for You? A Newcomer’s Guide to Recovery booklet.

  3. Attend our meetings. Our FAQs tell you what to expect. Try to listen with an open mind, ask questions during the newcomer part of the meeting (if there is one) or outside the meeting, get and use recovering members’ phone numbers.

    • We offer about 70 face-to-face meetings in six countries.

    • We also offer at least one phone meeting per day. Any phone meetings that mention CLA literature are great starting points.

  4. Work the 12 Steps and apply the 12 Traditions, either with a CLA sponsor (1) or at meetings.

  5. Pray to a Higher Power, a power greater than yourself. We each choose how to define Higher Power. You can be an agnostic or atheist and still benefit from CLA.

  6. Motivate yourself with recovery affirmations.

  7. Work with phone activity sessions and/or buddies (2) for help with commitments, focused action, and/or release victories.

  8. Familiarize yourself with our valuable “Tools of Recovery.”

  9. Read our CLArity (or eCLArity) newsletter.

  10. Serve CLA by volunteering.


1 Sponsor: The CLA sponsor guides the sponsee/member through the program and the 12 Steps and is not necessarily a friend, but someone in whom we can confide.

2 Buddies: Buddies are CLA members and helpmates in recovery. We may call buddies with our daily plan, or ask for help with a project.