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Thank you for your willingness to serve! A list of actions to take before and while speaking at non-CLA events appears below.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the purpose and goals of the organization inviting you. If possible, ask what they hope for as the outcome of having invited you to speak.
  2. Read on our website:
    1. To the Professional (content for outreach)
    2. Dos and Don’ts (content for outreach)
    3. For Non-Clutterers (helpful information and resources)
  3. Bring CLA leaflets from the CLA Store as your budget permits and printouts from our website. The blue “A Brief Guide” leaflet and gray “Introducing Clutterers Anonymous to Professionals” leaflet are packed with content applicable to questions from a varied audience. From the website, consider printing:
    1. Tools of Recovery
    2. What CLA Offers
    3. What is Clutter
    4. Recovery Affirmations
    5. Directory of local face-to-face meetings that includes locations, days, and times
    6. List of phone meetings and activity sessions with days, times, phone numbers, and access codes
  4. Be on time or early. Dress simply and neatly. First impressions are important.
  5. Introduce yourself by first name and last initial only, or use a pseudonym if you prefer. Summarize the principle of anonymity.
  6. Further protect anonymity by requesting that participants of the gathering refrain from photographing CLA members.
  7. Please email the Public Information Committee at if you have any questions.