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For Friends, Family, and Others Concerned About a Clutterer
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From the “Introducing Clutterers Anonymous℠ to Professionals” leaflet:

CLA℠ for the Professional

Clutterers Anonymous℠ (CLA℠) cooperates, but is not affiliated, with outside organizations and serves as a resource to the pro­fessional community through this policy. We hope that when you encounter anyone suffering with the obsessive, compulsive, or addic­tive relationship to clutter, you will refer him or her to our Fellowship. CLA has an active Public Informa­tion Committee to facilitate this cooperation.

The professional community includes the following agencies and departments: local and state govern­ments; health, legal, and social ser­vices; police and fire departments; hoarding task force programs; social service agencies (religious organiza­tions, charities, etc); mental health and medical associations; employee assistance programs (EAPs); outside helplines; and the media. Others are: code enforcers, inspectors, social workers, and those who will or may encounter clutterers.

There is no charge for any of our services. As part of our tradition of being self-supporting, CLA does not accept outside contributions. CLA members volunteer their efforts because service to others aids and supports our own personal recovery from cluttering.


How Does CLA Cooperate and What Services Do We Offer?

Clutterers Anonymous shares with health care providers and other professionals the concerns for the health and well-being of those who suffer from compulsive clut­tering. Our Public Information Committee members cooperate through contact with professional organizations through mailings, telephone, or personal contact.

Upon request, we may offer our assistance by:

  • Informing the professional who has not had an opportunity to find out how the CLA program works;
  • Providing CLA outreach literature and up-to-date information about meetings, events, and more activities;
  • Providing speakers or panels to present an overview of CLA at conferences or meetings;
  • Displaying information on CLA at profes­sional meetings, health fairs, seminars, and other gatherings; and
  • Serving as an ongoing support system for recovering clutterers by sharing personal experience.


What Do We Want?

  • Referrals to the Fellowship.
  • Increased awareness of the CLA program of recovery.
  • Listings and notices in professional journals, newsletters, etc., providing CLA contact information, such as our phone numbers and mailing and website addresses.
  • Protection of our members’ personal anonymity.


Contact Us

To contact the Public Information Committee for more information, or if you have questions regarding Clutter­ers Anonymous, see Ask A Question.

If your organization wants to use us as a referral resource or offer the CLA website link, we encourage you to respect our Traditions by stating that we are not affiliated with your organization.

Thank you for considering Clutterers Anonymous as a resource.

See also Dos and Don’ts.