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For Friends, Family, and Others Concerned About a Clutterer
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Some people come to CLASM expecting housekeeping hints, tips on sorting and filing, lectures on time management, or the like. To their surprise, they find that this is not CLA’s purpose.Why? Because clutter and chaos are only symptoms of our problem. While organizing tips may provide temporary relief, they do not address the underlying causes of the real clutterer’s self-destructive behavior.

CLA gives the clutterer an opportunity to identify with others who have the same problem. In CLA, we share our experience of both the suffering that results from cluttering and the joy of recovery. We offer unconditional acceptance and support to one another.

We in Clutterers Anonymous℠ believe our “dis-ease” is threefold — physical, emotional, and spiritual.

This is the behavior that results in the stacks, the piles, the objects, that fill our home, our car, our workplace, our world. Whether organized or strewn about, it is all so overwhelming. We find ourselves drowning in a sea of clutter. We have become owned by our possessions.

This is the fog we create in our heads — resentments, unfinished thoughts, emotional baggage, daydreams, worries about the future, and regrets about the past. Our mind is in a constant spin, we lose today because our time is spent living in yesterday and tomorrow.

This is the deep emptiness that we feel inside — the emptiness we compulsively try to fill by clinging to useless objects, non-productive ideas, meaningless activities, and unsatisfying relationships.

Many of us have found that the 12 Step program of recovery offered by CLA affects healing on all three levels. The 12 Steps embody a set of principles which, when followed, promote inner change. Recovery for each CLA member is highly personal. There are no rules, just suggestions.

Principles + Action = Recovery
We have discovered that practicing the principles embodied in the Steps combined with taking action by using the Tools, grants us the simplicity, order, and serenity we desperately sought for so long.

If you think the Clutterers Anonymous program could help you recover from your problem with clutter, look for a meeting near you or join our phone meetings.